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Our History:
LIG began its own immigration journey in 1996 in Seattle, WA.  In 1999, LIG moved to scenic Bend, OR (see e.g.  Here in Bend and many locations throughout the country, LIG serves individuals, families and employers with basic to complex immigration issues and needs. We also provide high-level immigration services to clients world-wide and continually strive for excellence in the field of immigration. We understand the frustrations and accomplishments that come with the many processes and walk with our clients through every step.

We offer a 1 hour pre-paid case evaluation, via phone, Zoom or in person, to review your immigration history and make recommendations about your options.   Please contact the office to schedule an appointment.

Larsson Immigration Group, P.C.

21210 Dove Lane

Bend, OR 97702

Ph:  541-749-2102




Mexico (By Appointment Only)


Calle 25 # 159 x 28 y 30, Colonia García GinéresMérida, Yucatán

C.P. 97070 México


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